Sperm whale whaleing

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30 Sperm Whale Facts: Description, Behavior, Reproduction, Habitat

The Sperm Whale is the largest of all toothed whales, and many people immediately think of the story of Moby Dick when they see one. It is well known for the grayish color that it features. The unique body design also offers a very large head with rows of sharp teeth. Full grown, one is about 67 feet in length and will weigh close to 56 tons. After watching the irony of gigantic animals moving in what can only be considered a delicate water ballet (in a recent Moment in Nature video of sperm whales), I want to go swim with them more Founded: Sep 18,
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Sperm whale

The Sperm Whale is a type of a Cetacean whale species. Other cetaceans include dolphins, other whales (actually all whales), porpoises etc. Did you know that . Sperm whales normally feed mostly on giant squid, supplemented with octopus, fish, shrimp, crab, and small sharks. They are found throughout all the world’s oceans and are listed as endangered.
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Sperm whales were mainstays of whaling's 18th and 19th century heyday. A mythical albino sperm whale was immortalized in Herman Melville's Moby Dick . Sperm whale. Sperm whale, (Physeter catodon), also called cachalot, the largest of the toothed whales, easily recognized by its enormous square head and narrow lower jaw. The sperm whale is dark blue-gray or brownish, with white patches on the belly. It is thickset and has small paddlelike flippers and a series of rounded humps on its back.
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Sperm Whale. Male adult sperm whales have been known to attack killer whales to compete for food. A sperm whale’s heart weighs about the same as two average adult male humans ( kg, pounds). The highest sound pressure level ever recorded from an animal was from a sperm whale off the coast of northern Norway. The sperm whale belongs to the suborder of toothed whales and dolphins (odontocetes) and is one of the easiest whales to identify at sea. The angled bushy blow is distinctive from a distance as a sperm whale has a single blowhole on the left side.
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